Our ElitePak PAINTING SHIPPING BOXES safely encases artwork within 3 layers of protection – two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam. As painting shipping boxes go, the STRONGBOX is an extremely fast, easy to use, safe, and reusable method for shipping fine art. Our fine art shipping boxes are available Lined or Unlined
The PRINT PAD is a safe method for shipping prints or documents; designed especially for artwork that is best shipped flat or cannot be rolled. It is available with the ABS Plastic liner covering the inside top and bottom just as the ElitePak STRONGBOX for added protection. Great for photo shipping and Print Storage – PRINT PADS are available Lined or Unlined
GLASS TAPE is a protective tape applied directly to the entire surface area of the glass. If the glass shatters, it remains securely attached to the GLASS TAPE and away from your art! The beauty of this tape glass product is that it leaves no residue once it is removed and it can be used on museum glass. Glass tape is the best glass protection.
Our revolutionary new ARTPAK® provides outstanding protection and art storage for framed and unframed artwork. Easy to use, ElitePak ART PAK® allow Art to effortlessly slip in and out of the protective bag. Designed for Artists, Museums and Galleries, ARTPAKS® are durable, convenient and can be used over and over.
1.5″ – 1.75″ or 2″ – 3″


Welcome to ElitePak.com, the premier provider of Painting Shipping Boxes, Print Pads, Art Paks® as well as art shipping supplies!

Our passion for protection…

At Elitepak, we understand Art Shipping, and we know just how important it is for a painting, photograph or print to arrive at its destination in pristine and perfect condition. That’s why we offer numerous Art Painting Shipping Boxes and shipping supplies to help you sleep a bit easier knowing that your art has been properly packaged. Framed Art Shipping is made easier with ElitePak fine art shipping supplies.

Packaging, Protecting & Shipping

Art… it’s our business.

We offer many types art packing materials including shipping protection products such as: PAINTING SHIPPING BOXES, PRINT PADS, GLASS TAPE and our new – ARTPAK.® Each one offers its own unique type of protection, and a better description can be found below each of their sections. If at any point you find yourself thinking, “I’m not sure which product would be best suited for shipping/packaging my fine art”, please do not hesitate to give us a call! Art shipping materials and art shipping boxes are our business!

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